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Nite Owl Tattoo Studio


At Nite Owl Tattoo Studio, there is great emphasis on

sanitation, sterilization and safety. We cannot stress how important this is when deciding where to get your next piercings. 


At Nite Owl Tattoo Studio, we perform all types of 

piercings. You just have to share your thoughts and ideas an we do the rest. We will offer the different types of piercings and then explain the process so you feel comfortable with your decision.


Nite Owl Tattoo Studio has two locations to choose from. Each location has it's own dedicated piercers so that they are readily available to schedule your upcoming appointment.


Nite Owl Tattoo Studio realizes that money doesn't grow on tress so they make every effort to make your piercing experience affordable and yet surpassing your expectations. 



  • You’ve been with the idea of getting a piercing for a while and you don’t decide which one may be best for you.

  • You do not know how to decide where in your body to do it and which model looks better?

  • You don’t know where or who can do it with the highest quality and rigor possible.


The art of piercing is defined as inserting earrings or other pieces of jewelry into different areas of the body. These piercings are a form of bodily modification and reflect cultural, religious and spiritual values, as well as part of fashion, eroticism, personal tastes or identification with a subculture.

In western history, traditionally, women only had a single hole in the lower lobe of each ear from childhood for their entire lives, in order to wear earrings or earrings; however, in other cultures of the world, of antiquity and in the same western culture in the XXI century, several other parts of the body are also pierced in both sexes.

The Eskimos are the ones who originally used the piercings named labrets, which in their world was practiced in young people who went from being children to responsible adults with qualities and attitudes and to go hunting with their elders. Another of the origins of body piercing is in the Mursi and Maasai tribes, specifically in the female population, who deform their oral cavity with discs to enlarge the mouth and lengthen their lobes by carrying large metal reels.

We at Nite Owl Tattoo Studio, we have great respect for our history and how this art has evolved over so many generations. 

״What better way to trust a tattoo and piercing studio than to hear it directly from actual customers right?״

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